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The Workstation is a Xi-Machines X2 DAW with Steinberg Nuendo and Merging Technologies Pyramix software with hundreds of plug-ins and virtual Instruments with a RME UFX+ audio interface, Icon M+ DAW controller and MIDI controller like Arturia KEYLAB 61, KEYSTEP PRO, Novation LAUNCHPAD Pro and Nord Drum 3P.

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Studiomonitors are a pair of Genelec 4281A feeded by AES3, SPL Phonitor 2 headphone amp with  Austrian Audio Hi-X65 and Hi-X60 headphones and a Lake People G108 with a Audeeze LCD-2 Classic as reference headphone. Beside the modular system a Waldorf Iridium desktop synth is in use. Guitars are a modified Steinberger Spirit GT Pro with EMG 81/EMG 89XR pickups and a Ibanez Q54-BKF. Also a COSMOS Drifting Memory Station from SOMA enrich the studio setup.


The current modular setup of Peter will be published on MODULAR Grid ...

Main Top Rack:
Main Bottom Rack:
Side Top Rack:
Side Bottom Rack:
IO Rack: